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Overpopulation. A problem that is occurring every day, hour, minute, yet we as Americans we do not care about what is going to happen to us in the future, we Americans only look at things that can affect us at this very moment. Overpopulation affects us on an everyday level and we are seeing the results from it. Whether at the end of this speech you believe me or not I will prove to you that this problem is real and I have the facts to show it!

In 1931 the population of the world was estimated at an in incredibaly low two billion people and now we as a world have jumped to a startling six billion! That's an increase of 4 Billion! Annually our annual increase in money is 43 million and every four years that number equals the amount of people currently inhabiting the United States. From the birth of Christ to the death of Queen Elizabeth the First...It took 16 centuries for the population to double.

The death rates of people are dramatically falling because of the advancements in technology and medicine. These advances are keeping people alive that should be dead. Too add to the dramatic decreasing death rate, the birth rate is steady or on the rise in most countries.

Like a virus, or the Ebola plague, nature threw these things at us to keep the population to a limit, but we are sprouting to fast much to fast for anything to keep up. Now since we have vaccines and other prescription drugs we have a way to keep these rampaging diseases almost at extinct we have again become a much like our own virus, we adapted and adjusted.

We as humans are at the top of the food chain, nature had...