An Overview of Arizona's Glen Canyon Recreational Area.

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Where can you see the most beautiful, breathtaking scenery in Arizona?. I assume that most people, if asked that same question would probably answer "the Grand Canyon". Now the Grand Canyon is truly an amazing geologic wonder and it is one heck of a sight to see but, in my opinion it doesn't even come close to comparing with the scenery found just two driving hours away at the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. I sincerely believe that anyone who has seen the Grand Canyon and then has the opportunity to visit the Glen Canyon Recreational Area and view the spectacular scenery from the deck of a houseboat cruising through Padre Bay on Lake Powell on a warm but breezy afternoon would have to agree.

After seeing the Grand Canyon myself, I must admit I was impressed and although it was truly awesome it just didn't get under my skin and into my blood like Glen Canyon and Lake Powell did.

After my first visit to Lake Powell in 1998 I became hooked and have since returned to the lake 4 more times. The characteristics of the Grand Canyon and Glen Canyon are similar in many ways. They both were carved out and formed primarily by the Colorado River and their topography is similar as well with canyons displaying breathtaking talus slopes, buttes, mesas, canyons and cliffs. The major difference between the two canyons and what makes Glen Canyon so unique and special is the creation of the artificial reservoir named Lake Powell.

Lake Powell is a unique man-made reservoir that had its beginning on March 13th 1963. It was formed by the enormous Glen Canyon Dam which was finally completed after 6 long years of construction. The lake is located on the Colorado River between the borders of...