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Note: This was my senior project to graduate high school, and we were required to shadow someone in our chosen field. The first and last paragraphs were permitted to contain "I", and all paragraphs were to refer to our shadowing experience.

The art of music has captured the hearts of thousands of generations and has even been marveled at by the ancient philosophers, Plato and Aristotle. Like many people throughout the world, music has been an enormous influence in my own life. It is my love for its beauty that inspired me to pursue a career in Music Education so I would be able to share it with others. The past eight years of my life have been dedicated to learning the baritone, euphonium, and trombone. My mentor, Karen Cole, is the newly appointed Director of Bands at the McKeesport Area Senior High School in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. She directs the marching, symphonic, and jazz bands along with various small ensembles and elementary students.

I also interviewed Ben Cook, the Music and Band Director at the Elizabeth Forward Middle School. I attended two full band rehearsals with the McKeesport Marching Band during their band camp in early August. During the first session with the band, I arrived in the middle of their rehearsal at three o'clock pm and was greeted by Karen Cole, her staff, and her students. Cole let me help set her students in their drill formations as they learned their competition show for the fall. As the night progressed, the band began adding music to their drill, and I was able to rehearse with the full band. Cole had me concentrate mostly on the lower winds in sectionals because of my own musical knowledge with the baritone and trombone. They focused mainly on memorization of the music,