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Historical Literary Study

People followed Greek tradition into the 18t century

"Literature is an imitation of life"

"focused on maintaining the test established by highly regarded writers of the past"

"early literary critics were concerned with establishing what, in fact, should be considered literature at all"

19th Century

Transcendentalism and scientific determinism

Transcendentalism (Romanticism): a philosophic movement that focuses on intuition, personal revelation and conscience

Scientific Determinism: the belief that the world- objects, actions and forces - arises from clear causes can be revealed through scientific inquiry

20th Century

New Criticism: the text itself became them main focus

As long as there is unity within the test then it is considered literature

One can look at the images, the devices used and the words

Some Other Views…

Structuralism: "how we see the world not from how it inherently is, but how it has been organized by our naming of it"

Post Structuralism: "because language is arbitrary, we must manipulate language through a complex understanding of difference to make ourselves understood"

Postmodernism: similar however this points to the ideas that we also "question our own understanding and knowledge of ourselves"

Marxist Literary Criticism: starts with the assumption that all texts have subtexts which are extensions of historical and ideological conflict

Feminism and Gender Studies: devoted to describing and interpreting (or reinterpreting) women's experience through literature

Postcolonial Criticism: how are issues such as nationalism, ethnicity, language and history dealt with in places where two or more cultures clash?

Karl Marx:

Everything equal in theory

German philosopher

Revolutionary Socialist

Postcolonial Criticism


There are two kinds of grammar: perspective and descriptive

Perspective grammar is the set of rules we make up about how to speak and write "properly"

Descriptive grammar is the set rules that linguist find when studying how meaning...