An overview of Human Resources practices at a Silicon Valley company as related to Globalization, Diversity and Ethics. MGT431.

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Human Resources at Varian Medical Systems

The human resources department at Varian Medical Systems performs a vital role in this successful Silicon Valley corporation. Benefits management, training, recruitment, and employee relations are some of the primary areas concerning Varian's human resources department. If any area within this vital support organization is neglected, serious problems can occur within the company. The areas supported by human resources departments can also help pave the way for a successful, thriving company.

The management at Varian Medical Systems relies heavily on the expertise of the human resources department. Although traditional business thinking can portray this business entity as "dangerous" or "the enemy", a good relationship between employees, management, and the human resources department can create a great working environment. The management at Varian promotes extensive use of services provided by this department such as evaluating employee conflicts, general hiring practices, and salary evaluation. Traditional human resource department roles continue to be important to all businesses, but the role of this department is always changing.

Business strategies change constantly and the human resources department must also change to enable these strategies to work. Many areas create a successful business environment, but the following crucial areas of discussion will perhaps create the most productive change.


Globalization has evolved as a crucial part of business in many companies throughout the United States. In to remain competitive, businesses must rely on global economies to expand markets and reduce operating costs. Human resource departments can assist in reducing costs by combining a comprehensive understanding of international labor laws with a global approach to recruiting practices. International searches for specialized talent and skill sets can open new doors of opportunity for the company as well as creating a more diverse work environment.


A diverse work environment has evolved from...