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University of PhoenixMBA 502 - Managing the Business EnterpriseJuly 7, 2008Table of ContentsIntroduction3Primary Functions of Management4Figure 1. Organizational Structure Identifying the Primary Functions of Management5Technology and the Internet6Porters Model8Conclusion10References11IntroductionManagement as defined by Gomez-Mejia, Balkin (2002) is the individuals responsible for making resource allocation decisions and with the formal authority to direct others. All organizations, regardless of their size, have managers whose responsibilities are to ensure the successful daily operations of the company. Kudler Fine Foods is an example of an organization which is made up of different departments who work together to ensure the success of the organization.

This paper is designed to analyze Kudler Fine Foods and identify the primary functions of management, describing who is responsible for each function at Kudler Fine Foods, explain how technology and the internet are utilized by Kudler Fine Foods currently and how that affects its management and cite an example from Kudler Fine Foods illustrating each of the five forces from Porter's Model.

Primary Functions of ManagementThe organizational structure of Kudler Fine Foods, the people who are in the positions and the primary functions of management are as follows:1.President, Kathy Kudler. Responsibilities: Oversight of Kudler Fine Foods. All Senior Level Managers and Store Managers report to her.

2.Director of Finance and Accounting, Harvey Stephens. Responsibilities: Plans and directs the finance and accounting activities for Kudler Fine Foods.

3.Director of Store Operations, Yvonne Reynolds. Responsibilities: Manage the operations of three stores, including inventory, purchasing and logistics. She is also responsible for store safety, facility maintenance, security and compliance with state and federal regulations.

4.Director of Administration and Human Resources, Brenda Wagner. Responsibilities: Develops policies and directs and coordinates administrative and human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, and training and employee services.

5. Store Manager,