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Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store located in the general area of San Diego, California and has three retail locations, as well as a headquarters. Kudler foods was founded by Kathy Kudler with the first store located in La Jolla, California. She was able to achive a profit after only nine months of operation. She opened a second store in Del Mar, California soon after and within another 3 years opened her third store in Encinitas, California. In order to achieve this, Kudler has managed its people and resources efficiently. This paper will discuss Kudler's management structure and their strategic, tactical and operational managers. This paper will also present a short analysis Porter's Competitive Forces Model and how it can be applied to Kudler Foods.

There are four basic functions of management, as discussed by Gomez, Mejia and Balkin (2002). They are planning and strategizing, organizing, leading and controlling.

These functions are carried out by managers at various levels: strategic, tactical and operational.

The strategic, or senior managers, are the ones that are responsible for the overall management of the company. Their mail role within an organization is to develop long term goals and objectives and to develop activities necessary to obtain those objectives. Typically this is done by senior executives. It is their responsibility to se the goals, develop the plan to achieve these goals and communicate this to all supporting staff. Kudler Foods' executive manager is Kathy Kudler, President.

Tactical managers are those that are responsible for the goals and plans developed by the strategic managers into specific objectives and activities. They are commonly referred to as middle managers. Kudler's tactical managers are Harvey Stephens, Director of Finance and Accounting; Yvonne Reynolds, Director of Store Operations; and Brenda Wagner, Director of Administration and...