Overview of Performance Management

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Performance Management: An ongoing communication process that involves both the performance manager and the employee in:

* identifying and describing essential job functions and relating them to the mission and goals of the organization

* developing realistic and appropriate performance standards

* giving and receiving feedback about performance

* writing and communicating constructive performance appraisals

* planning education and development opportunities to sustain, improve or build on employee work performance.


As a Human Resource Manager I will be responsible for:

* establishing specific job assignments

* write job descriptions assign responsibility for strategic initiatives develop and apply performance standards

* discuss job performance with the employee and provide feedback on strengths and improvements needed

* conduct an annual performance evaluation

* plan for improved performance and employee development goals.

Following is the diagram of the steps I will follow to implement Performance Management:

I will be collaborating with the employees to achieve these targets:

* identify and describe the employee's essential job functions in support of the mission of the organization

* identify and define strategic initiatives appropriate to the employee's essential functions which support the goals of the organization

* develop realistic and appropriate performance standards

* give and receive helpful behavioral feedback about performance

* write and deliver constructive performance evaluations

* plan education and development opportunities to sustain, improve or build on current performance.


A good, specific job description can get Dial Up the right applicants and save the company a tremendous amount of time and effort down the line. A bad one can swamp you with the wrong people, or attract no one. While the actual job posting may be much shorter, writing out the description can help you think through all the details of the position.

Writing a job description is a...