Owen vs. faith in "A Prayer For Owen Mean", by Josh Irving.

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In the novel "A Prayer For Owen Mean", written by Josh Irving, it is easily revealed that Owen represents faith throughout chapters one and two. Owen is a really religious adolescence who attends church at a very young age. As we read through chapter one, we know that Owen thinks everything happens for a reason.

As we read through chapter one and partially chapter two, we know Owen believed it was his fate to take Johns mother's life and that fate was assigned to him by god. He has proven that it is true because during the baseball league, he killed John's mother on his first hit in his entire life. For an example, when he returned the armless armadillo back to John, he said "GOD HAS TAKEN YOUR MOTHER. MY HANDS WERE THE INSTRUMENT. GOD HAS TAKEN MY HANDS. I AM GODS INSTRUMENT". (Irving, 86). This can be related to people who are religious, one might believe in god just like Owen but there are no evidence of god's existence.

Another example would be when Owen and John were in the Squamscott throwing rocks, Owen believed that god knew who his father was, he said "YOUR DAD CAN HIDE FROM YOU" , Owen said, "BUT HE CAN"T HIDE FROM GOD". (Irving, 10) Owen is saying that one day god will help john to find who his father is. Owen has the faith that god will help them identify who John's father is.

Compared to my life, there are similarities and differences to the novel (or one of the main characters Owen). Owen who has faith in himself and his religion. Similar to Owen's case, I'm really religious toward my culture. I believe that god has created the path of our lives. Although the situations in Owens's society seemed...