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The end of the novel "Great Expectations" ends in a way, which Pip liked and didn't like. He liked the ending because he became friends with Estella and was able to kiss her once again but he didn't like the ending because when Pip was about to ask Biddy to get married but he found out that Joe and Biddy were already married.

If I had to make the ending of Great Expectations it would go like this:

When Pip was sitting down on the table playing cards with Estella, Pip asks Estella to marry him. Estella says yes in a delightful manner. They organised the wedding and then when the time came for the wedding, Pip decides to not go along with the wedding because he was reminded of the way Estella used to treat him and he hated it so he just left her and didn't tell anyone.

Estella didn't know this and when Estella came to the alter to be wed Pip wasn't there. She was very sad and turned into a crazy woman. She stopped the clocks at the time of her wedding and left everything it was and didn't clean up. She also didn't take off her wedding dress. Estella has turned into a Miss Havisham.

Meanwhile Pip meets this girl named Kastella she is a lot like Estella. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's rich and Pip falls in love with her. He decides to get married with her and this marriage works out. Estella doesn't know about this because since her wedding she has never been out of the house but one day Mr. Pumplechook cam to Estella to tell her the news about Pip. She is very sad and that night she had taken drugs and had committed suicide. She...