Ownership And Control In Love

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Ownership and control in love play a big role in the play. Many characters in the play feel they have the right to love a certain person or own a certain person. Egius believes that he owns Hermia and she should get married to the person of his desire. Although Hermia does not love Demetrius she is to get married to him, because he is the man whom her father has chosen. It is law that the father can have his daughter marry anyone he wants; in essence he is deciding whom Hermia loves. Demetrius loves Hermia and he believes than she is his property, since her dad has given him permission to marry Hermia. Lysander and Hermia are in love and they believe that Lysander rightfully should get to marry Hermia. Theseus kidnapped Hypolita from the amazons and owns her; he chooses to take her as his wife.

This is not really true love because Hypolita had no choice but to marry a man who stole her from were she belongs.

In the fairly land, fairy's have the power to get anyone to fall in love. Puck and Oberon mess with a lot of peoples true desires by putting a spell on them and making them fall in love with people who they don't really love. Oberon controlled the love between Titania and the ass, because he had put a spell on Titania to fall in love with the first vile thing she sees. The love between Helena and Demetrius was also controlled, because Demetrius did not really love Helena, a spell was put on him so that he falls in love with Helena. Finally the love between Oberon and Titania was also a controlled love, a spell was put on Titania to fall in love with...