Owning A DVD Or A VCR, Which Is Better?

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Owning a VCR or DVD Player - Which Is Better? We own a VCR and a DVD Player. Well actually, I own a VCR and my sister owns the DVD Player that I use whenever she is not at home. Even though a VCR is more economical to own, easier to operate and provides the capability to record programs from the television, a DVD Player offers a new dimension in data storage, versatility, and has better sound and picture output.

First, a VCR is more economical to own than a DVD Player. The videocassettes are less expensive than the blank DVD's. The video recorders are also less expensive to purchase. A really high-tech VCR can be purchased for less than a sub-standard DVD Player. Also, if there is a problem and it needs repairing, it is much easier to just throw it away and purchase another one.

Although you can find almost anyone to repair a VCR easier than a DVD Player.

On the other hand, even though the VCR is more economical to own, a DVD Player has the capability to duplicate a movie from another DVD which is illegal, but you can rent a DVD and copy it and watch it when you get ready instead of having to hurry and watch it so that it can be returned to the video store. A DVD Player can also store data that can be used on the computer.

Secondly, a VCR can be easier to operate than a DVD Player. It allows you to program a recording just by pushing one button. Many television guides, such as the TV Guide, gives you a special code for television programs that allow you to record by entering one number. You do not have to set the time nor the date. Setting the clock for a VCR is also easier that for the DVD Player. All that is needed to set the time is turning the VCR on. A special transmission is transmitted from the TV stations on their broadcasts.

But, the DVD Player is more versatile than the VCR. The DVD Player has the capability to play CD's and can also copy CD's. This eliminates having to have a CD player. Also when playing CD's on the DVD Player you can watch videos that are enhanced on to the CD's that will let you watch a video of the featured song. A VCR will not allow you to do this.

Finally, the VCR records from the television and can record multiple channels at once. DVD Players cannot access this unique capability at this time. It is not always convenient to watch a program when I want and sometimes there are two programs on that I want to watch at the same time. I have found recording from the TV and watching it later about the best thing that the VCR can do.

However, the picture quality on a recorded program or on a video rental is not of the best quality. Unlike the DVD Player that offers the best quality picture enhancement and sound quality. The scanning and playback frame by frame somehow makes you forget that you cannot record from the TV directly although you can copy from a VCR tape to a DVD.

In conclusion, the VCR is more economical, easier to operate and can record from the television and the DVD Player can store data, is more versatile and has better sound and picture output. The truth is, one may not be better than the other. Each has a capability that overrides the shortcomings of the other. I find that I like both and it is better to own both or in my case, to have access to the other.