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CP1 WHI-7 Two recent news items that can be connected with the historical and still continuing event of the Ozone Hole: saving money is hurting the Ozone. A news station reported high signs of unemployment in the El Paso region (MSNBC, 8-19-99). Unemployment has troubled the El Paso region in the past. Employment went down four and a half percent since last month, July. A big reason for this is the cheap labor in the Mexican twin plants across the border. Not only does this create unemployment in the states, it also causes pollution. In order for the material that is made to be sent to the states, it has to be packed into old diesel trucks which sends toxic fumes into the environment. In Mexico, trucks do not have to have emission check-ups. These fumes not only hurt the environment, it slowly adds to the continuing problem of the thinning of the Ozone (Ozone Hole, 8-19-99).

These fumes will continue to damage and thinning the Ozone more, unless the government puts a stop to these toxic fumes. The earthquake in Turkey cause a dangerous refinery fire that sent very toxic fumes into the environment (Oil Fire, 8-19-99). The fumes of this fire will do it's share of thinning the Ozone layer in that area. The refinery fumes and the diesel fumes in Mexico not only cause damage to the Ozone, these same fumes cause disease. Such as, these fumes hurt all plant life. Animals, like cows, eat plants that might be contaminated and the cows might get sick. Cows are milked and killed for meat, when humans eat meat or drink milk, they might get sick or even contract a disease. The governments around the world need to look at this problem of the Ozone very seriously, because in the long run, we are just hurting ourselves.

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