Ozone Depletion

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Your Name 11/15/01 GEOG 210 Dr. Starr Ozone Layer Using two different sources of information while researching about ozone depletion provided me with two different types of information. My first source, the text book, provided me with a lot of factual information. From the text book I learned that ozone depletion occurs when chlorofluorocarbons are released on the surface of the earth and travel up into the atmosphere. Ultra violet light causes the chlorine to break down the ozone molecules which causes the holes in the ozone layer. This type of information was very informative and easy to understand. It is very helpful to a person who does not have any existing knowledge on the subject.

The other source I used was a well known science magazine called Nature. This magazine didn't go as in depth as the text book about explaining what causes ozone depletion. The magazine did however, have more current information to offer.

It talked about a recent meeting of researchers in South America who met to discuss the current status of the ozone. The magazine also had quotes from professionals in the field such as Dr. Alan O'Neill who believes ""¦ holes that open up over Antarctica each year and over the Arctic periodically should be gone by about 2050." (Schrope) In conclusion, I feel that using the class text in conjunction with an outside source such as a current magazine helped to provide a broader spectrum of information. Using two sources helped to give supporting information from one source to the other. I feel I gained much more information this way then I would of if I had only read the section in the text on ozone depletion.

References Schrope, Mark. "Successes in fight to save ozone layer could close holes by 2050."...