Ozone Depletion

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Ozone Depletion





Ozone Depletion

Ozone depletion is of huge importance when it comes to environmental issues of today. To give emphasis on the discussion of this paper, it is best to define first the meaning of ozone, ozone layer and other related words that we will encounter during the course of our discussion. Then, it will give more meaning to the topic if we can highlight other applicable matter relating to our subject such as the ecological problem and causes of ozone depletion. Furthermore, it is very significant that we include the interrelationship of other species, incorporate economic, ethical, social, and political issues that affect this issue. Last of all, we will deal with several solutions, their associated shortcomings, and describe how other cultures or nations are affected by, and view, this problem.

Ozone, ozone holes and its impact on our environment:

For decades experts and environmental groups have been warning the public against the ever increasing amount of ozone depleting substances in the atmosphere.

Ozone, as most people know, is something that is in the air struggling to compete with the different agents that are destroying its existence. The ozone layer has extended its opening since its discovery over Antarctica in 1985 by the British Antarctic Survey. Technically, the ozone hole, as it is popularly called, is very severe. According to Brien Sparling (2001), it has reached a low value of 180 Dobson Units (D.U.) before 1983 - the unit of measurement used for stratospheric ozone. The usual ozone concentration is at 300 to 350 Dobson Units. The extent of the hole occurs during springtime above Antarctica and to a lesser extent the Arctic region.

The air we breathe is in the form of oxygen molecules (O2) - two...