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The story A+P by John Updike, takes pace in a store in the 1960's. Sammy, the narrator, is working as a checkout clerk in the third aisle.

As the story begins, three girls walk into the store wearing only bathing suits. When the girls reach the bread, Sammy takes notice of the three. His eye first catches the one in the green plaid two-piece. After analyzing her appearance he realizes that he is a the register with a box of Hiho crackers. Sammy not remembering if he rung the item up, rings it through. This set of the lady, and she yelled at Sammy, for slipping up.

After settling the conflict, Sammy sent the woman on her way. When she leaves, Sammy sees that the girls are in the aisle between the registers and the special bins. Sammy then he becomes aware of the fact that they are not wearing shoes.

He then describes for us the appearance of the one in a green two-piece. He calls this girl "the chunky one." The chunky one has a chubby face and her lips are bunched under he nose. The second girl, later called big tall Gonnie goonie, has black hair that did not frizz right. She also has a chin that is too long and she has a sunburn under her eyes. He sums up her appearance a the girl everybody finds attractive but that does not make it. Then he evaluates the appearance of the third girl. From the time he started looking at her he could tell that she was the queen of the three. He could tell this because she walk with confidence and she knew how do it. it was like she talked them into coming with her s she could show them how to do...