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Valentina Gjoni

English 102

Assignment # 1


A&P is located miles away from the Salem's beach. As gas station and a grocery store they having everyday customers who are normal dressed except three girls that always where bikini and do not have shoes on. Most of the people look at them and discus for the way that dressed and shop. Sammy is new guy who works as cashier at this store. He likes to see the girls coming and shop because as he says are pretty and is nothing wrong with them. The owner of the store Lengel is not happy to have these girls for customers. The reason is because he wanted his customers to be dressed nice and serious these were his opinion and the policies as a store. One day he could not resist and he complained to the girls for their way of dress.

This happened when Sammy was checking out the girls. He was very disappointed for the way that Lenger treated the girls and he decided to quit and live and expecting the girls to be outside waiting for him. But unfortunely did not happen. He felt very bad walking and thinking that the world was going to be hard for him because as we can see this was the first difficult moment in his life and made him desperately and not thinking on positive away.


The Yellow Wallpaper

Charlotte Perkins Gilman is describing one of her most difficult times in her life. Suffering from nervous problems had made her life bad and the people that surrounding her. Jane her servants and her husbands were trying to help her by treating her on there away. The yellow wallpaper was torn and his spots were everywhere. Her thoughts taking her to different...