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Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt Comparison Essay

A comparison and contrast of the presidencies of Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt.

President Woodrow Wilson supported President Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy of aggressive nationalism, but preferred a more diplomatic approach. President Wilson hoped to revolutionize internal affairs. He first displayed his ideas in the Fourteen Point speech. Wilson wanted to dismember the imperial order by opening up colonial holdings to eventual self-rule and all European sections of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires to immediate independence. Their attitudes and actions mirrored their characters; Roosevelt was "open, aggressive, and high-spirited", while Wilson was more reserved in nature. After losing the Republican primary to Taft in 1912, Roosevelt became the nominee for the Progressive party. Wilson was the Democrat's nominee. Their campaigns touted New Nationalism (Roosevelt) versus New Freedom (Wilson), but both campaigns had some common messages. Both candidates were concerned with righting the wrongs of corruption and the role of increased governmental controls and regulations over business.

"But Roosevelt welcomed federal power, national planning, and business growth". Both President Roosevelt and President Wilson achieved much while in office. Roosevelt was a strong proponent of the nation's natural resources, and protected and preserved the natural habitat by establishing national parks and forests. He also worked to control trusts, in order to protect workers, consumers, small businesses, and the economy. The Pure Food and Drug Act was ratified during his administration. The Wilson Administration was responsible for lowering tariffs, reforming the banking system, measures that made it legal for workers to strike, and the Clayton Antitrust Act. Latin American relations continued to be dominated by the United States, as Wilson continued the Roosevelt Corollary of the Monroe Doctrine. On the other hand, Wilson was not pleased with how Roosevelt had handled the Panama Canal, and...