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Stephen Phillips P3, P4, M1, M2, D1 Nutrition

In every different food and drink are things that are called calories, calories are essentially the amount of energy it takes to raise one gram of water by one degree Celsius, Therefore a calorie is the energy we use in order for this to happen. On the other hand a joule is the energy it takes to move a mass of 1 gram at 1 metre per second, a kilocalorie is basically 4.2 kilojoules. A calorie or joule are far too small to actually count, so we times these by 1000 to make something called kilocalories or kilojoules. We measure the amount of energy we get from foods in the kilo form.

Most people nowadays believe that calories are bad and things that make us overweight or put weight on. This is some senses is true and this will happen if too many calories are being consumed, this then forces the body to find a storage place for the extra calories such as your stomach, chin and arms, this is then known as fat.

However we need to consume calories in order to give us energy throughout the day, therefore the government created the RDA guidelines (recommended daily allowance), this is basically the RDA for the amount of calories one should consume to avoid putting weight and help us through the day. The RDA is different for men (2500 calories) and women (2000 calories), men have a higher RDA because they are generally bigger and more active than women and need to take in more. The calorie consumption will vary depending on the body composition of an individual and also their level of activity during the day. Each nutrient that foods contain, comes with a different amounts of calories some more than...