Pablo Escobar

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Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Escobar Growing Up III. Escobar's Early Crime Years IV. Escobar's Careers: Politician and Drug "" Lord V. Escobar's Luxury Medellin Prison VI. Escobar's Investigation and Manhunt VII. Escobar's Downfall and Death VIII. Escobar's Criminological Theories Profile IX. Conclusion X. References XI. Appendix Pablo Escobar "" His Life as a Colombian Drug "" Lord.

I Introduction: Pablo Escobar, 1952 "" 1993, (Althaus, 2001) of Medellin, Colombia was a feared and admired man by many people around the world. Escobar was a mirage of masks. He was known as one of the richest billionaires in the world; a husband and father; a man that gave money to clean up poor neighborhoods; the father of sicario schools of assassination; a politician with the Colombian Chamber of Deputies for the Liberal Party; he was a ruthless killer and a Colombian Drug "" lord. The faces of Escobar changed from person to person according to their beliefs.

Understanding the man behind the masks has proven to be a challenge for many people.

In this paper, the following topics are discussed: Escobar's childhood years and his early crime years; Escobar's careers as a politician and drug "" lord; Escobar's luxury prison, "Club Medellin"� (Howerter, 1995); the investigation and manhunt of Escobar; the downfall and death of Escobar; and Escobar's criminological theories profile. Also included, in the Appendix section, are various photos of Escobar, his daughter and wife; a sample fingerprint and signature of Escobar; a timeline "" map of Escobar's demise; a letter from the Colombian government showing their suspicion's of Escobarian police officers; and a series of different theories that are charted in an attempt to explain a person's behaviors.

II Escobar Growing Up: Pablo Escobar grew up in a typical dysfunctional style family. When Escobar...