Pablo Escobar: Saint or Sinner

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a. Pablo Escobar will always be remembered in the history of his country.

b. The United States was the main market for Pablo and his group and in his life he smuggled 66 tons of cocaine; 10 tons by airplane.

c. Pablo used to deal with the governments of Peru and Panama. He had a deal with Fujimori that allowed him to use Peruvian cocaine plants and to help and protect his operations he had corrupted relations with president Noriega.

d. He killed a lot of innocent people whom worked with/for the government and so some deemed him to be a brute.

His Good Side:

a. A vast majority of the population thought that Pablo was a saint despite the fact that he was a known drug lord. From his transactions he made a lot of money which he gave to the poorest people of Colombia. In 1986 he even tried to enter politics offering to help wipe out the national debt of 10 billion dollars.

b. In 1986 Forbes listed his as the seventh richest man in the world. Through his money, he constructed many buildings - which would help the poor people - like hospitals and shelters, and a church (something his mother always wanted to build).

His Monstrous Side:

a. Pablo Escobar was an incredibly brutal person and due to his quest for power in the Columbian government he had to leave his faction and forget about the government.

b. He killed many political rivals, judges of the Supreme Court and famous Columbian journalists. In 1989 he plotted the murder of one of the more popular presidential candidates, Luis Galán. He also killed members of the congress, heads of police and some children. He even bombed a commercial airplane killing the children of a political...