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Poetry Essay

Pablo Neruda wrote hundreds of love poems, but I chose three that had significance and relation to each other to display how the different literary devices are shown throughout his poems. Neruda isn't very vague in his poems, he's very direct and to the point. He isn't shy about his writing and expresses exactly how he feels. Pablo Neruda was born in Parral, Chile and when he was a very young infant, his mother unexpected passed away. In his childhood, he moved along with his father to Temuco. His father seemed extremely happy with a new woman and remarried. When he hit his teenage years he began to write poetry. He wrote all different types of poetry including, sonnets, love sonnets, pieces about surrealism, historical pieces, autobiographical pieces, and even some political pieces. The 3 pieces I chose were about love, and I connected them to how I see and feel about his sayings.

The first poem I chose was "I do not love you..." This poem is in the Neruda's POV and he's basically telling someone what they mean to him and as he describes the person, it's absolutely full of metaphors and similes. "I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz"(Line1) Even in the first line of the poem it's clear that he's describing how he feels for a certain person. He says "I love you without knowing how, when or from where."(Line9) He says this and it leaves the impression that he loves this person unconditionally. He uses metaphors throughout the poem describing how he does not love the person. He is basically saying that here's all the ways I don't love you and here's all the ways i do. Here's one of the...