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Pablo, Picasso (a Spanish painter) who is widely acknowledged to be the most important artist of the 20th century was born Pablo Ruiz in Malaga, Spain and later adopted his mother's unique name

Picasso. Though Picasso was born in Spain he spent most of his life in France. As a child Pablo was a prodigy. He studied art first privately with his father and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in La Coruna, Spain, where his father taught. Picasso's early drawings, such as Study of a Torso, After a Plaster Cast (1894-1895), and Musee demonstrate the high level of technical talent he had achieved by the age of 14.Picasso was admitted to advanced classes at the academy after he completed in a single day the entrance examination that applicants traditionally were given a month to finish. In 1897 Picasso left Barcelona to study at the Madrid Academy in the Spanish capital. Dissatisfied with the training, he quit and returned to Barcelona.

Later in 1904 Picasso settled in France where he encountered and experimented with, a number of modern artistic styles. Picasso's painting Le Moulin de la Galette (1900, Guggenheim Museum, New York City) revealed his interest in the subject matter of Parisian nightlife.In addition to café scenes, Picasso painted landscapes, still lifes, and portraits of friends and performers.From 1901 to 1903 Picasso initiated his first truly original style, which is known as the blue period. Restricting his color scheme to blue, Picasso depicted wasted and pitiful figures whose body language and clothing showed the humbleness of their social status. In The Old Guitarist (1903, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois), Picasso

the guitarist's poverty and position as a social outcast, which he by surrounding the figure with a black outline, as if to cut him off...