Pablo Picasso and Paul Cézanne.

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"Pablo Picasso" and "Cézanne, Paul"

"The seated women" "women in blue"

I have to choose one work by each of two artists and the work should respond to a similar challenge. Within appropriate artistic discourse and which you feel the artists were responding. The critically evaluate the nature of the responses. I see the challenge that Picasso and Cézanne is in the way that these two artist have represented women. In their paintings, they have shown beauty of the women can be seen in their paintings. The first lady in their (women in blue) is painted fairly realistically in the scene where she is sitting which is in an elegant setting. "Seated women" is constructed out of cubes showing parts of women without clothes and she is larger than the other women are. So, the challenge between realistic painting and unrealistic. The two painting that I'm examining are both portrayed differently.

The lady sited (women in blue) which is draw by Cézanne and drawn as a real person but the other one (seated women), which is, draw by Picasso is cubist in style.

The paintings that been identified is loneliness and aspirations of love. Two artists who followed this theme are Picasso and Paul Cézanne artworks that I will compare and contrast are "The seated woman" and "woman in blue" which belongs to the above artists respectively. In order to understand and describe the historical background of these artworks it helps to refer to he their early works and their livelihood situations.

Pablo Picasso was born in Spain. He was recognized as an artistic genius at an early age. Shortly after moving to Paris from Barcelona, Picasso begins to produce works that were textured mainly in blue colour and tones. This particular texture is effective in conveying a...