PAC Attitude Characteristics in the DADAP Program

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Driving a vehicle on the road requires a lot of tasks to follow in order to be a good defensive driver. However, alcohol has became a major cause to drivers on the road because many people think it is acceptable to drink and drive when it is a serious task and effects in deaths. Until recently, the Commissioner of Education adopted the DRUG AND ALCOHOL DRIVING AWARENESS PROGRAM (DADAP) and its rules became effective on December 26, 1999. DADAP is a voluntary drug and alcohol awareness program that is regulated by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

An attitude of a driver is very important when driving on the road. In order to be a professional driver, one must have professional driving attitudes. A positive attitude can go a long way toward preventing accidents, just as poor attitude can play a significant part in causing accidents. In the DADAP program, attitude characteristics were being taught as a way to understand the feelings and behaviors of a driver on the road.

Each of us carries around in our head three persons. They are parent, adult, and child. The attitudes of them will never leave you because they are the controlling forces in the way you respond to any situation when you are driving on the road. Each attitude had both a positive (good) as well as a negative (dangerous) side to it.

When you're in love, it's fun to have a child's attitude. But behind the wheel, this child attitude can only mean trouble. If you want to be a child, be one at the appropriate time, it's a great feeling. However, you must stop being a child as soon as you get behind the wheel. When someone needs help, a positive parent attitude is excellent. But behind the wheel, that...