Pacific Crest.

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There's a light that can't feel any darkness

And it's the light we see

Reflecting all the movement in space

A wall falls causing a horn

All this leads to something

Something that is good

Things seem unfair and difficult

Because it's a pretty smart challenge

Racing into Ourselves (Said So).

Listen angel I never needed anything but you

Data see these let me know I'm a mystery

Let me know I'm a Fish on The Sand

Hurry hurry hide close

Your body isn't yours of course

It's the Lord's.

There is A Place Through All the Stars.

That stands on its own

And has looks from above

There's a reason our God's like us

There is a moment out of time

That looks just Lucky

But full of designed precision

It is important that you care

Everything is a hundred times itself

Push the Button to Talk to Jesus.

There is beauty in our differences

A symphony or Moe's art

There are structures in our thoughts

There are forms that drip like ghosts

In our songs

When we're blown apart.

I Don't Know.

I don't know if I'm true to myself

All I can do is ask myself if I am

Choosing the right things in my heart

I don't know what's the big idea

Putting me here as made to be

When my parents were just in love

They play into what I look like

I don't know if there's a stinging shark

Or what is talked about across the sea

How are they so far out

Sitting there talking me.