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Pacific Sunwear Corp.

The Pacific Sunwear of California first started off as a surfing and swim wear company. From then it has now expanded to selling not only swim wear but skateboarding and just recently snowboaring. The company also sells skateboards, surfboards, and footwear. The Company now operates three nationwide mostly mall-based stores. The names of some of their companies are Pacific sunwear, Pacific Sunwear Outlet, D.E.M.O Pacsun, and Pacsun Outlet.

Pacsuns' majority of consumers consists of teenagers and young adults. It's major clothing products consist of Quicksilver, Hurley, Spit Fire, Roxy, Billabong, Tilt, Lost, Indenpent, and etc.. It's major footwear products are Vans, Etines, D.C., Hawk, Vision, and Report. They also make accessories such as belts, wallits, hats, boxers, socks, and etc..

They are promoted on television and in magizines. They are also promoted at such sporting events as the x-games and the winter olympics. They endource some of the skaters and skateboarders that attend these games.

The important times for the store change for each season. Around July to about mid September is the back to school season, from about November to January is the chrismas season. Then from March to April is the spring break season, and from May to June is the summer season which usually makes the most money.

I think Pacsun is a good investment because it now has something for all season and more people are starting to shop there. The Company also has been recently opening up stores which means the they are making more money in which to expand with. I have also taking a look and the financial statements and even through it has gone down it seems to be picking right back up. It also says in the extra notes that the sales have increased 17% to...