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Customer ProfileThe current customer of the Junior girls department of the PacSun are young women who are driven by surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and other associated actives and lifestyle.

The typical customer wardrobe is consists of everyday casual apparel that is versatile enough for excessive movement and wear.

Customer Demographics:•Female•14-18 yrs old•middle class• high school education•have average 2 siblings•parents both work, have college degrees•outdoor active lifestyle•interest in surf, skateboarding, and/or snowboarding•personality is free spirited, spontaneous, social, and sport orientedIn regards to the statistics of the buyer profile compared to the actual product consumer profile is influenced by outside factors. An average of 45% of the customers where young girls with a female parental that purchased items, 35% of the customers were young women in groups of 2 or more, while 15% of those groups all purchased individual items.

There was an average of 15% of customers who where young women by themselves, 2% of the remaining profile were parents (mainly women) who where purchasing for someone else, then another 2% where male parental's purchasing for someone else, and the last 1% was young women with a mate.

Within the department's customer profile, there is an average of 65% of girls that were sizes 3-7 and/or S/M; and the remaining 35% where either above or below the average size range.

Department AnalysisI. Department Environment-The environment of the department is very energetic and free spirited. All the employee's were friendly and conservative toward each customer. It was about four o'clock p.m. when I visited the PacSun location. There were an estimated eight female customers in this department. The sales associates working the floor were eager to help each customer with there individual needs. When entering the store it takes an average of three seconds before being welcomed to the store.

II. Merchandise Appearance-The...