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R.P.R. - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha ! By Roddy Doyle The book "Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha !" by the Irish author Roddy Doyle Delves into the childhood of a ten year old boy (Paddy Clarke) growing up in Barry Town, a suburb of Dublin, in nineteen sixty-eight. Doyle captures Paddy's pre-adolescent thoughts, feelings and speech patterns with ease as he matures through a very testing period in his life. The book highlights a range of issues from family break-up to childhood limitations which all contribute towards the main theme in the book. Paddy's childhood is representative of an aspect of society, specifically it represents young Ireland and the pressures and pleasures of Paddy's life are symbolic of this.

Paddy Clarke lives with his mother and father, two baby sisters and his younger brother Francis. Throughout the book Doyle tells us of the numerous things Paddy and his friends get up to, life playing football, shoplifting and fighting which show that Paddy is a typical Irish boy who does the same things as most other ten year olds.

The book is not divided up into chapters. It is just one continuous string of events. The book also lacks a straightforward plot. It is written as a narrative in the way Paddy would have told the story himself. The narrative is not linear. It jumps around unpredictably like the thought process of a child. One moment Paddy is describing an argument between his parents and the next he is telling about completely irrelevant facts concerning capitals of countries or the inventor of television. All the dialogue spoken in the book is Irish. In school, works and phrases from the Irish language are frequently used which conveys a sense of national pride. Paddy generally speaks in the short, simple sentences...