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"Many Stones", by Carolyn Coman is about Berry, a young girl who's sister was brutally murdered while doing humanitarian work in South Africa. Although her sister died she continues her life with a heavy weight on her. To add to Berry's problems, her parents are divorce and has a very difficult relationship with her father. Berry's father takes her to South Africa to attend a memorial service twelve months after her sister's death. Berry then begins her hard journey to the place where her sister died. She hates her father and doesn't want to spend time with him. During her strife to come to good terms with herself, Berry also experiences South Africa's problem or reconciliation with its Black population. With all of the problems Berry is piled with and all the stress; makes it even more difficult for her father to connect with her.

This story illustrates very detailed and different aspects of the grieving process well. The story shows two different parents point of view in how they cope with their lost, and really emphasizes on Berry's stress and anguish. It also shows that people shouldn't take life for granted and should celebrate life a little more and that it's possible to move on even with all the problems in your life. Many Stones has almost all the elements that teenagers can relate to such as drug use, sexually active young characters, and teenage problems.