The Painful Truth.

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Ali works in the same bank where I am the manager. He is a very dutiful and intelligent young man but he always remains very serious and quiet in the company of his cheerful fellows. He talks very little.

I always wanted to know what had made him so unhappy at such a young age. One day when he came to my office for some work, I said to him in a friendly voice. "Ali, if you do not mind I want to ask you one question, what has made you so serious, I have noticed you speak and laugh very little?" He was still for a moment then he started speaking. What he told me was a very sad but painful truth of our society.

He was most unfortunate that he was born in a middle class family, the middle class which is too rich to live like the lower class and too poor to live like the upper class.

It was a struggle which was crushing his entire family in general and him in particular.

He was the only child of his family who had shown excellent progress in school and had become the apple of his parents' eyes. He was the hope of his parents to pull them out of their gloom into the bright sunshine.

His needs were well provided for at the expense of his brothers and sisters. Time passed rather quickly. He was the shinning star of his school who got excellent marks in his matriculation which enabled him, coupled with National Talent Scholarship to join a rather expensive college. It was in the college that the truth about his humble background dawned on him. With all the boys there, talking about cars, mobile phones and trips abroad, his normally dominant personality became...