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Like any sport every aspect affects your success out on the field. From your skills to your equiptment everything counts. First and foremost Paintballing is a sport for the bold and not the weary. If you jump at the sound of paintball marker discharging or do projectiles directed at high speeds toward you make you duck and take cover then paintballing is not the sport for you. Paintballing like most sports is not for everyone. Most people who are attracted to paintballing are thrill seekers. Successful paintballers exhibit tons of athleticism because it takes alot of coordination to handle yourself on the field. If both those prerequisites are met then keep on reading. In short you must be a thrill seeking athlete to be a successful paintball player. There are two types of games: Scenario and Arena Style. Scenario games are those whose setting is the woods which closely resembles a game of hunting or war.

Arena Style games on the other hand are fast paced games with predictable layouts with strategically placed bunkers in an enclosed small arena that resembles a game of tag but with markers. The rest of the article is based on the later form of game .

How much does it cost to play a day worth of games?

Entrance to an arena only admittance park - $10 (SC Village)

4000 Rounds (2 Boxes of Marbelizers) - $55 (

All Day Nitro Air Fills - $5 (SC Village)


Total = $70 *

*This is calculated for self equipt players and not for players without their own marker.

Add $35 to this for non-equipt players for the gun rentals.

How much do guns cost?

Most players nowadays have a electronic trigger frame gun which at the low end can cost $94 for a Spyder Esprit...