The Painted Door by: Sinclair Ross, Relationship essay

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What holds a relationship together? How do relationships go the way they do? What in a relationship causes it to tremble and fall apart? According to this short story "The Painted Door", communication is what determines how the relationship would start and how it will end up. Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. The author develops this theme through three main aspects of the short story: character, conflict and symbols.

The theme was clearly developed with the characters. The characters in "The Painted Door" contributed their own amount to help back up the theme in the short story. The characters were Anne (Jack's wife), Jack (Anne's husband), and Steven (Jack's best friend). Ever since Anne and Jack had got married, the relationship seemed to take a different toll as the years went by. Maybe even the love for one another was at a point where it is was at risk.

Jack seemed more devoted to his work than towards his wife (Anne). That probably gave Anne the idea that Jack was not doing his part of the relationship, the part in which he should be comforting Anne and actually communicating with one another. But Jack could have had the speculation that Anne was being unfaithful because of the fact that Steven and herself was spending a little too much time with another. Jack decided to keep this thought to himself because if he confronts Anne about his opinion it would put they're relationship in jeopardy. It would cause tension between the two of them and it would seem that Jack does not trust Anne. Or Jack was not sure what to say, he just did not how to describe his matter to Anne. He didn't let one little detail get...