Painting and calligraphy are strengthening in the discovery of redefining Chinese Art. Two Defining styles that portray dynastic views.

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Paintings and calligraphy manifest the many characteristics of Chinese art. Chinese pictorial representations of the surrounding world go deeper than just a simple picture. This can also be seen in calligraphy. To some it may seem as simple as writing Chinese characters on paper, yet both are known constructive art. Paintings are portrayed both stylistically and thematically while a calligrapher creates rhythm and strength with the tip of the brush. These two types of art have great significance in the art world, not just by stylistic elements, but deeper inside towards the reflection of society. The influence of paintings and calligraphy are like the soul towards Chinese fine arts.

With sequences and strokes, calligraphy can take great beauty and form. The calligrapher creates his work while handling the ink and writing finely with a brush. Strokes and spaces are important in creating a new sense of beauty. In this we see that the writing brush is the tool that controls the moods of the artists, making an expressive piece of work.

Calligraphy is also closely related with traditional paintings since the theories of holding a brush in the right way gives a decorative function and defining characteristic. Calligraphy and painting use the same formats and tools (brush, ink, paper, and silk). The basic methods of handling a brush and ink to create the individual strokes of a Chinese character can also be used to create descriptive lines and textures in painting. Fluidic ideas of both calligraphy and painting are examples in the works of Wang Xizhi (303-361 CE) and the paintings of Zhou Fang (780-810).

Some of the most famous calligraphers in all of Chinese history lived during the Six Dynasties period. Wang Xizhi, is considered one of the greatest calligraphers who ever lived. Works such as the...