"A Pair Of Tickets"

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"A Pair of Tickets" Amy Tan's classic short story, "A Pair of Tickets", is a coming of age story as the protagonist wakes up to her heritage when she travels to her native land, but it is also a story of internal racial tension. Not in the sense of one class looking down on another but of the internal racial tension that rages on inside Jing-mei as the battle between what she is by birth and what she is by nature tears her apart when she suddenly discovers her long lost sisters just a month after her mother dies.

In "A Pair of Tickets" the protagonist, Jing-mei, receives a letter from her long lost twin sisters. The sisters are hoping to reunite with their mother but unfortunately Jing-mei's mother had died briefly before. After receiving this devastating news Jing-mei wages a war within herself. Should she write the twins back telling them of their mothers death or should she go in person? It is at this point that the story's central theme is first unearthed.

On the outside it appears that Jing-mei does not want to go in person because she does not want to see the twin's grief in person. The underlying reason for her not wanting to go is much different however. Jing-mei is afraid of her heritage. All her life she has denied everything Chinese that is in her, Americanizing herself as much as possible. Now with a possible trip to China looming in front of her, Jing-mei is ashamed of going to the homeland she has denied all along (Kimble 2). At last, at the urging of her aunt, Jing-mei decides making the trip is the right thing to do.

During the trip to China and while she spends time with her relatives...