Pakistan vs. US

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United States developed, Pakistan undeveloped

In the following essay is composed of issues about the two countries, the United States and Pakistan on why they are developed or not. Some of the main points are resources, education, trade, health care, safety and location. These issues are very different in developed and developing countries.

Resources is a very important part of being a developed country. Resources can create jobs and make an economy stronger. The resources of Pakistan are primarily agricultural. The country's mineral resources include salt, chromite, coal, gypsum, limestone, manganese, sulfur, clay, graphite, copper, petroleum, and natural gas, while the United States has many natural resources such as vast areas of fertile land for growing crops, extensive coastlines with many natural harbors, and several large crossable rivers and lakes on which large ships and barges carry products to and from most regions of the nation. As might be expected United States has many resources it makes it more popular in trades with other countries where as Pakistan has less resources and doesn't have as much trade.

A important factor in a country is the defense from enemy attacks. For the most part the Department of Defense in the United States has jurisdiction over the substantial amounts of tax money spent on the military. In the late 1990s the annual budget of the Department of Defense was over $250 billion. Not only did the Defense Department employ more than 3 million people, both civilians and armed forces personnel but, In 1998 that figure included 480,721 people on active service in the Army, 377,039 in the Navy, 173,031 in the Marine Corps, and 365,639 in the Air Force. However, military service in Pakistan is voluntary. In 1997 the country's armed forces had 587,000 members, including 520,000 in the army, 45,000 in...