Pakistan wars

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Pakistan, a History of War

It all began in 1971 there was an Indian bombing missile launchers flying by and I launched a bomb by accident and then there were consequences.

Then war Pakistan was being bombed from all four sides then all the people moved to the middle of Pakistan only the soldiers and strong young men stayed to stop the war stayed at the north , south, east . and west sides for about one month they were for 24 hour a day 7 week it was mostly at night and a little bit during the day then in the eastern side most of the army died because most of India's army was there then a army captain Idnan he went to the back of his army and shot bombes at the Indian army then he ran to a near by in the middle of the Indian army and he wrapped a bomb around his waist and then he climbed in to the tank then he started the bomb and then a lot of the Indian army died then the rest that were alive ran away then at the same time at the other side of Pakistan.

A place called Sialkot there was no war there so the Indian army came into Pakistan there was a old man named Imran put a bomb around his chest and climbed into the bottom of the explosive car then he started the bomb and then all the other explosive cars exploded with it and then ten year old boys and women even took bombs to save Pakistan and then they killed the Indian soldiers then some of the army came to the villages there were no men because they were with Pakistan army but there were women so when the soldier...