Palestine and Israel

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So many people fight for what is right. Right and wrong can be seen in different opinions. Right is a different from wrong because right has a good outcome to something and does not cause harm to anything. The Israelis and Palestinians are two groups of citizens that live in the same country. Palestinians and Israelis have both used terrorism against each other to get their own way. Many events in the past have made these two groups hate each other. After WWII, the UN wanted to give a homeland to the Jewish people, so they took away Palestinian land and gave it to the Jewish people, calling it Israel. Now, the Palestinians are left with no home and a very little land to call their own. They would like their land back, so they can have a place to live. They are fed up with asking for it.

So they have decided to just resort to terrorism and crime to get what they want. But the Israelis also want to keep their homes. The Palestinians get angry and start killing Israelis by walking into highly populated areas in Israel with bombs attached to them and blowing themselves up. This kills many innocent victims as well as themselves. Israel usually reacts by getting angry and wanting revenge. As a result they start by getting their army together to go to take out the Palestinian leadership, including Yassar Arafat. By doing so, they also kill innocent Palestinians on streets and bomb and destroy their buildings as well. In the case of Israel and Palestine, both of them claim that they are right. However, both are equally guilty of terrorism. This is demonstrated when the Palestinians send suicide bombers into Israel and Israel strikes back at the Palestinian army and...