"Palestinians" Focuses on the political aspect of the Middle East. Speaks of "War and Peace" written by Ibrahim Barzak"

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'Palestinians: Peace in Jeopardy'

The Associated Press

Ibrahim Barzak

Nations: Israel and Palestine

Region: Middle East

World Issue: War and Peace

The focus of this article is on the political aspect of this region:

1.) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet on Friday that he will go ahead with construction of the 6,500-home Jewish neighborhood of Har Homa despite

fierce Palestinian opposition, the Israeli radio said.

2.) The Palestinians seek east Jerusalem, captured by Jordan in the 1967 Mideast war, as a future capital. Israel considers the entire city its capital.

Based on the following, there is reason to believe that the articles focus is negative:

1.) Palestinian officials were warned Saturday that Israeli plans to build a new Jewish neighborhood in east Jerusalem could destroy the whole Middle East peace process

2.) 'Jerusalem is a fireball, and it will burn everything if the Israeli side continues with its stubborn ways,' said Ahmed Abdel Rahman, one of Yasser Arfat's secretaries.

3.) 'Any settlement activity or expansion of what exists is considered a real blow to the peace process.' Prime Minister Abdul-Karim Kabariti said in the capital , Amman.

This article written by Ibrahim Barzak for The Associated Press describes the recent events going on in Jerusalem concerning the Israeli's decision of the construction of the 6500-

home Jewish neighborhood of Har Homa despite Palestine's fierce opposition. Netanyhu has also promised to build homes for Jerusalem's Arabs residents. The Yediot Ahronot newspaper said that the Israeli government would build 1,000 apartments for residents of the Palestinian district of Umm Touba, next to Har Homa. The construction of these sites would begin at the same time but the Palestinian officials rejected these compromise offers made by Israel.

In September, 80 people died in Israeli-Palestinian clashes after Israel opened a tourist...