The Palestinians have the right to resist Zionism and the occupation of the rogue State of Israel.

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This piece is not meant to be a 5 paragraph essay in standard form. It is an opinionated blurb.

The Palestinians, as well as the non-Palestinian Arabs that resisted the Zionist dreams of making a homeland in Palestine were right to resist them. Palestine has been Arab for hundreds and hundreds of years, and although it had been under Ottoman rule for five hundred of those years, the region composing of modern Jordan, modern Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip were always known as Palestine, except for when it had been called Canaan in ancient times. Although the 12 tribes of Israel did exist in ancient times, they had a very small portion of the land, and their descendants were the 9% of Palestinians that were Jewish in 1890. They had been living in Palestine in peace with the Muslims and Christians, and things only became violent later on.

Before WWI, the British foreign minister Arthur Balfour declared that Britain supported a Jewish homeland in Palestine. But during the war, the High Commissioner of Britain corresponded with the Emir of Mecca, Hussein, and he declared that if the Emir and his people revolted against the Ottomans, then Britain would support Arab independence. This was a contradiction of Mr. Balfour's declaration, because that meant that Britain would support both a Jewish homeland in Arab Palestine, and support Palestinian (Arab) Independence. When the war was over and the Ottoman Empire was toppled, the Emir and his son regained Arab control of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Jordan (Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, U.A.E, and Bahrain weren't formed until later on). However, Palestine was a gem to the British and they kept it under their Mandate. Jews started to emigrate to Palestine, but not enough to cause any alarm. It...