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Imaan Elhouli 14 October 2014

Australian Indigenous Animals

By Imaan Elhouli !

Report on Animals, Page �1

Imaan Elhouli 14 October 2014

The Questions !

What is a totem? Why are they used by Aboriginal People?

Dictionary meaning: a natural object or animal that is believed by a particular society to have spiritual

significance and that is adopted by it as an emblem.

Totems are symbols that acknowledge specific birds, animals, rocks or flora species and are considered sacred

by their owners, which is why Aboriginals use them.

Choose an indigenous Australian animal for your totem. Think about that animal and how it relates to you. Include

a sourced and labeled picture.

I love the animal Cuscus because it looks like a monkey and I love monkeys. It also stays awake at night like

me and eats plenty of fruit.

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Describe the animal including size, colour, classification, scientific name, aboriginal names (include from which

language group).

The Cuscus is around the size of a possum with white spots and beautiful tan fur. Spotted Cuscus has a scientific name

which is the spotted phalanger. Class: Mammalia

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Report on Animals, Page �2

An image of the Cuscus

Imaan Elhouli 14 October 2014

Order: Diprotodontia

Family: Phalangeridae

Genus: Spilocuscus

Species: maculatus

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What is its normal habitat/s? Describe them or use a picture.

The normal habitat for the Cuscus is rain forests to find fresh foods.

Where can it be found in Australia (distribution)? Include a map.

Tropical rainforest

What is its natural diet?

The natural diet for the Cuscus is fruit and leaves .

What animals eat it? Who are its predators?

Snakes, humans and large birds of prey are their predators.

Draw up the food web for your animal.

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