Panamanian Culture

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FOOD OF PANAMA Major Crops/foods/imports/exports The food of Panama is similar to that of the rest of Central America, but seafood is more plentiful. Prawns, spiny lobsters, and other seafood are plentiful because of a thriving fishing industry in Panama. Chicken and pork are the most usual meats. Poultry is cheap to buy due to an increasing popularity in chicken farming. There are plenty of "platanos" (plantains), which are used in cooking. Rice is also a main dish; it is cooked with practically everything. The region near the Panama Canal is has very much rice. Bananas, shrimp, and sugar are Panama's chief exports. Imports include automobiles, chemicals, machinery, and petroleum. Panama's main trading partner is the United States, but it also trades with Japan, Venezuela, and several Western European countries.

Daily Diet The national food in Panama is Sancocho, so as you could imagine, they make a lot of it.

Sancocho consists of pretty much everything thrown into a thick stew. You can add chicken, pork, beans, whatever you like. Like Mexican's, Panamanians like tamales. Tamales are corn pancakes filed with meat and vegetables. Beer and Rum are made in Panama, so people in Panama drink both, as well as soft drinks. Coffee is also a popular beverage among Panamanians. Also, they make "agurdiente." This is a fiery liquor made from sugarcane.

Times/Methods of eating Panamanians are similar to other countries in Central America with their eating habits. They tend to eat lunch and dinner much later than people northern parts of the world. Lime Mexicans, they eat dinner at ten o'clock at night or sometimes even later. Afterwards, they go to the movies or theater, or visit friends and family.

Customs As in most Central American countries, family is very important to the Panamanians. They eat with...