Panem et Circus Essay

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April 17, 2014

Roman Essay

"panem et circus" a way of obscuring the vision took place in the Colosseum, one of the seven wonders of our society. The gladiatorial battles were acts of cold-blooded murder presented in front of the people as a way of entertainment, and sustaining their need for food. All of the warriors that were forced to fight were trained to fight anyone in the Colosseum to keep the aristocrats power, with the gladiatorial games the citizens and slaves' vision was obscured of the truth; which made the rich, richer and the poor poorer.

The words "bread and circuses" were used as a saying to be the best "formula" as a strategy against the future rebellious groups of people. It was made to distract the people of Roma into thinking Rome has a The Romans believed that the gladiatorial games were a way to provide a chance to the slaves by batting to the death for a chance for freedom.

As a matter of fact, the early Christians interpreted the gladiatorial games as a way of human sacrifice. The Romans strive for death. They liked it, and they challenged each other, gambling for money to see who will fall in the arena. When you won, you receive a exuberant applause from the people of Rome, your reputation amongst the Romans were escalated to a level that you would feel famous, and known throughout the city. It was the passion of Julius Caesar that influenced him to create an arena that would fulfill his true passion for the games. The people were grateful to him and are still celebrated today as one of the prominent people of the history of Ancient Rome.

Despite the emperor's impeccable power among the people, the normal Gladiator that used to be...