Panoramic camera invention

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Name of Entrepreneur

Invention or Innovation: Innovation because it is just a different type of Camera

Place/ Location: Chicago, United States

Date/ Timeline:

1882- Peter Ansgsten immigrated to Chicago

1888- Flexible film was being developed

1896- Angsten partnered up with a Canadian photographer Charles Gesbeck and produced the first working model of the Panoramic Camera.

September 1896- Angsten and Gesbeck their innovation.

Brief biography of this entrepreneur

Peter N. Angsten was born in Coblenz, Germany in 1855 and there conceived the idea of a camera containing a spring-driven lens that would turn in an arc while exposing a curved film plane. Angsten immigrated to Chicago in 1882 with his designs. In 1888 flexible film was being developed and marketed by the Eastman Kodak Company, one of the single, most important developments in the history of photography. By 1896, Angsten had teamed up with photographer Charles H. Gesbeck and produced the first working model of the Panoramic Camera.

The pair patented their invention in September of that year. Multiscope and Film Company was formed in 1897 by Leonard Smith who purchased Angsten and Gesbeck's Patent and put the Panoramic Cameras into full production in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Description of the invention or innovation

Panoramic Cameras help to create images with exceptionally wide fields of view. While there is no formal definition for the point at which "wide-angle" leaves off and "panoramic" begins, truly panoramic Cameras capture a field of view comparable to, or greater than, that of the human eye - about 160° by 75° - and should do so while maintaining detail across the entire picture. The resulting images are panoramic, in that they offer an unobstructed or complete view of an area - often, but not necessarily, taking the form of a wide strip. A panoramic photograph is really...