The paparazzi

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The Paparazzi Joe hit it big; his music single hit number one on the Billboard and he's signed deals with Virgin Records. His time has come to be bombarded with riches, bathed in fame, and stalked. Where stalking is referring to being hounded day and night by those whose job is to be indecent and bothersome. The aptly named "stalkerazzi" are to blame. Their career rewards them millions for a single piece of paper that shines these four words; tabloid, scandal, money and gossip. This group of Vikings is interrelated with the media that the nation trusts like CNN, ABC, and NBC. They both serve the same purpose and have similar goals but with two different aspects. One chooses to report on issues that actually happen, the other chooses to make up things with blurred, unauthorized photographs as their support. The Paparazzi are unyielding in their efforts to push the button that will earn their living.

In Europe it is quite commonplace to have a single photo sell for 20,000 USD to 40,000 USD. To reach their goal is to hide, dress up, and master the art of being furtive to get the job done. Although, morally they are ridiculed, the public continues to support their work just out of human instinct. It is apparent that much of American life is centered around the famous but having obscene pictures on the front page of some magazine sold nationwide is not exactly a trademark of fame. To have the opportunity to discover the deep dark secrets of someone else's life is a chance that nearly nobody will turn down. For it has been recurring since life began, better known as gossip.

Privacy is one of the most treasured things to an individual because it allows a feeling of being secure and...