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Communication Theory


Communication theory is a set of systematic, informed hunches about the way things work in the relational process of creating and interpreting messages that elicit a response.

What is the difference between an objective approach and an interpretive approach, when studying communication theory? (4 pts)

Objective approach to communication uses a scientific rational approach to communicate a message while the interpretive communication perspective presumes that all communications have multiple meanings with varying interpretations.

3. What four kinds of communication did we study in this course? (8 pts)

A. Interpersonal communication

B. Group and Public Communication

C. Mass Communication

D. Intercultural communication

4. For each theory, name the professor(s) who is/are credited for authoring it. (22 pts)

A. Symbolic Interactionism: George Herbert Mead

B. Expectancy Violations Theory: Judee Burgoon

C. Social Penetration Theory: Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor

D. Social Information Processing Theory: Joseph Walther

E. Communication Privacy Management: Sandra Petronio

F. Communication Accommodation Theory: Howard Giles

G. Speech Codes Theory: Gerry Philipsen

H. Cultural Studies: Stuart Hall

I. Agenda Setting Theory: Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw

J. Genderlect Styles: Deborah Tannen

K. Standpoint Theory: Sandra Harding and Julia T. Wood

MULTIPLE CHOICE (Each question is worth 2 points)


5. Hall's goal is to empower people who are currently on the margins of society.

A. True

B. False

6. Hall wants to move communication studies

A. deeper into a study of Hispanic culture because of the changing makeup of the U.S. population

B. deeper into the ways media representations of culture reproduce social inequities

C. back into a study of traditional public speaking

D. None of the above is correct

7. Hall's approach to scholarship is different from others in the interpretive camp because

A. he believes there is only one truth

B. his goal is...