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Founded in 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy, the American

Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has been dedicated to

addressing the needs and interests of older Americans. Percy

felt that older Americans could attain a sense of satisfaction

and fulfillment by remaining physically and intellectually active

in society, thus came about his idea to form the AARP. The

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization open to

anyone, working or retired, over the age of 50. Based in Wash-

ington, D.C., the AARP pursues its goals through service,

advocacy, and education. The AARP's ultimate goal is to help

older Americans achieve lives of independence, dignity, and

purpose. The AARP is spread nation wide through local chapters

and is run mainly by volunteer board members at the local and

national levels.

The 33 million members of the AARP can expect many

benefits as well as support from the AARP. The wide range of

services span anywhere from movie tickets to grants for re-

search. The AARP also has many publications in the form of

audio and publications. The most famous of these publications is

the bimonthly Modern Maturity which targets all readers inter-

ested in AARP issues.

The issues and goals the AARP advocates span a great deal

throughout the political, economic, and social arena. While

diverse in its areas of interest, the AARP mainly concentrates

on social issues. Being a nonpartisan organization, the AARP

does not nationally endorse or contribute any money to the


campaigns of any candidate running for national positions

including presidency. Politics in the AARP is basically left to

the individual to decide whom he/she will support. The only

participation the AARP takes is through the AARP/VOTE program.

The goals of the AARP/VOTE program are to educate AARP members

and the general public about important economic,