This paper is a analysis of the case "Scott Trucks".

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Problem Definition

The engineering team at Scott Trucks, Ltd. (ST) is dissatisfied due to the management style of Mr. McGowan (McG). This highly supervised environment is resulting in low productivity within the engineering department. Mr. Sullivan (Sull) needs to address these issues with McG immediately.

Problem Analysis

At ST there is a clash in leadership styles. Sull would be considered "conventional/polite" while McG has a more "aggressive/argumentative" style. This variation in leadership styles is resulting in decreased satisfaction and productivity of the engineers at ST. McG seems to be unaware of this dissatisfaction amongst the engineering team.

McG has 10 years experience in the military. He practices a theory "X" style of leadership. He uses a domineering approach to ensure ST runs like clockwork. Through his three approaches to management; meetings, memo's and visits, he ensures his systems and procedures are followed. McG's micro-management is ultimately causing a discrepancy between the required and emergent systems at ST.

McG has acceptable informational and decision making abilities but his interpersonal skills need some help. He is highly focused on cost and quality control and less focused on the "soft" skills of management. Rarely does he adapt his leadership style using the same directive method with all employees at ST. He fails to establish relationships with the front line workers and, in turn, appears condescending to some employees.

Sull uses a participative management style, practicing what he learned in his training. He is more of a transformational leader, which is clearly a conflicting management style to McG. Because of this, Sull is feeling pressure and self-doubt. He is relatively new to his position and is still unsure how to handle the differences he is facing with McG. Sull is scared of McG and this intimidation is being reflected to his subordinates.

Sull was...