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The thrilling and truly fascinating book "Timeline", by Michael Crichton, is an action packed and intellectually intriguing read that will not only enrich the reader's knowledge of the 1300's, but also have the reader totally immersed in the mesmerizing plot accentuated with a mind-blowing amount of suspense that lingers throughout the duration of the book. Timeline adequately addresses both the history and the english requirements that are made necessary to qualify this book as an eligible choice to be considered for submission into our school's 10x program.

Timeline begins with an old man who mysteriously materializes, stranded in the middle of the Arizona desert with scrambled, mismatched organs and a garbled, incomprehensive speech. A group of young archaeologists realize that this odd occurrence may have something to do with the esoteric disappearance of their chief historian, Professor Johnston. The archaeologists meet the millionaire scientist and owner of the technology company called ITC, Robert Doniger, who tells them that the Professor has gone back in time to the year 1357 and has somehow become stranded in the past.

The archaeologists and several others then attempt to go back in time and rescue Professor Johnston.

The premise of Timeline lies around the 14th century in 1357. The book focuses on many wide and teachable topics such as its generally accurate descriptions and textual reproductions of weapons, clothing, language, and historical events as they were in 1357. The main characters are in a time where the old glory and recognition that came from being a righteous and usually victorious knight is slowly fading away. The new warriors are archers that lead a completely different lifestyle when compared to the knights who rode on horseback and heroically fought able to return with amazing war stories. In Timeline, the most frightening weapon...