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We need to talk and I mean seriously this time. So, listen carefully. This addiction of yours going to the Adult Toy Store is starting to become a big problem with our relationship. I saw so many receipts in your wallet from that nasty joint for things that I have never seen or even heard of. You are the most frugal person that I have ever met. Maybe that's because you spend all of your money on your so-called "toys" and guy's night out at the strip club. Yet, when we go out on the weekends, I am always the one stuck with buying our dinner, movie tickets, and everything else possibly imaginable. I just cannot believe that you are so selfish. I am flabbergasted that you didn't even inform me about your other girlfriend that you hooked up with over the past weekend. She's a real looker.........or should I say hooker.

She must have been really cheap considering you only fork out about five dollars at the very most. I thought she was my friend. I can't believe Richelle would ever do that to me. I thought she was with Jory, so she said. I let the backstabbing chink borrow my new blue dress. And what does she do with it? She decides to be careless and "accidentally" squirts a whole bunch of "mayonnaise" on it. Last time I checked, mayonnaise doesn't stain (if you know what I mean). Oh, by the way, did you mention to Richelle about your blow-up dolls and how you go on dates with them? I'm glad that I'm not with you because I can barely stand your matted mess of hair on your gross back. And the way you chew your food reminds me of a cow chewing its cud. Your cologne...